Custom Load Securement Protects Products in Transit

Damage during shipping is costly and unnecessary. We create custom load securement solutions that eliminate expensive credits and product rework and help maintain customer satisfaction.

Moving products on time and undamaged from the plant or warehouse to customers is a critical component in achieving profit objectives. Investing in proper load securement for goods in transit protects the products and your bottom line by reducing or eliminating the chances that a shipment arrives in unsatisfactory condition.

For more than 35 years, we have designed and manufactured corrugated load securement solutions for customers, earning us their trust and repeat business. Consider us an insurance policy for shippers, ensuring that customers avoid the expensive and relationship-damaging outcomes associated with having product arrive in less-than-perfect condition.

A Load Securement Solution Designed Around Your Needs

Customers appreciate our commitment to listening, asking the right questions and collaborating closely with them to develop load securement solutions that are cost effective and easy-to-implement, while providing optimal protection. We start from the products, themselves, and work through a detailed design process with one goal in mind: Get the product to the end customer in perfect condition.

American Containers offers many forms of corrugated dunnage to meet your load securement requirements:

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Void Fillers, Dunnage, Load Securement…many names for the same thing: Damage Protection in transit. Call us to see how we may help.

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Chris Manning, National Sales, Load Securement

AMERICORE Drop Dunnage

Lightweight drop dunnage stores flat and expands to fill spaces between heavy loads.

AMERICORE Bulkhead Panel Void Fillers

Bulkhead Panel void fillers can be used in stand-alone applications or in conjunction with poly woven or paper airbags to prevent forward, backward and side-to-side movement of cargo in rail cars, truck trailers and shipping containers.

AMERICORE Dual Drop Dunnage

Fills the void left by missing pallets and expands to full pallet dimensions, helping to maintain proper axle weight distribution, and stabilizing the load to prevent weight displacement throughout the load.

Five Reasons to Call Us for a Custom Load Securement Solution Today

  1. We have more than 35 years of corrugated load securement design expertise that ensures your custom solution will be precisely what you need.
  2. Our manufacturing team is committed to delivering your load securement solution in perfect condition, ready to be deployed.
  3. Our corrugated solutions are 100% recyclable, helping you achieve sustainability goals.
  4. Load securement solutions are lightweight, easy to handle and simple to load in place.
  5. Depending on the mode of transportation, American Containers shipping solutions have either been lab certified or field tested for transporting food, produce or pharmaceuticals, to name a few specialties.