Corrugated Honeycomb

We’ve been producing corrugated honeycomb for over 50 years, and in just the past three years alone, we have produced over 100 million pieces of high-quality, corrugated honeycomb fillers.

Within our industry, we are unquestionably viewed as a leader in designing and manufacturing corrugated honeycomb for hollow core doors, office panels and other corrugated honeycomb applications. Quality, design, and service have very clearly separated our corrugated honeycomb from others. Through our 50-year history, we have supplied virtually every hollow core door maker in the country and have supplied to international door manufacturers, as well.

The Secret Is +/- .010 of an Inch

That’s the tolerance of thickness to which we can manufacture for our honeycomb. Our consistency fosters superior bonds when gluing, and helps door makers compensate for variations in wood thickness.

The real cornerstone of American Containers’ corrugated honeycomb is our sanding process. Sanding corrugated honeycomb for doors and office panels not only allows us to achieve the demanding +/- .010 of an inch tolerance so vital for these manufacturers, our process also ensures that the glue required to secure the exterior panel to the honeycomb stays on the surface instead of dripping down through the fluted material. The result is significant savings for the makers of hollow core doors and office panels.

Our expertise extends to designing corrugated honeycomb solutions for a wide variety of customers. Our team has more than 200 years of combined experience in creating custom honeycomb for door makers, office furniture manufacturers, and in Load Securement applications.



Doors, Panels, Void Fillers

These are just a few of the areas where our corrugated honeycomb can be useful. All of our honeycomb is custom made and can be engineered to work with your specific application.

Inexpensive, Lightweight and Incredibly Strong

Our corrugated honeycomb is easy to work with and saves money at every step of the manufacturing and distribution process:

When used in manufacturing, our honeycomb delivers cost savings and efficiencies by being precisely sanded to exacting tolerances while delivering an incredible strength-to-weight ratio.

When used in corrugated paper pallets, our corrugated honeycomb saves money over costly wooden pallets, is 50% to 75% lighter than wood, and is safer and easier to handle.

The Magic of Honeycomb