Designing Packaging Solutions from the Inside Out

We’ve built a reputation for handling our customers’ toughest packaging challenges by starting with a simple process: Listening.

The key to delivering an optimal packaging solution is understanding what the customer needs and how they operate. Whether its designing the proper corrugated box or corrugated plastic box, customizing load securement systems, manufacturing reusable and recyclable paper pallets or making corrugated honeycomb to exacting tolerances, we enjoy the collaborative nature of the work. Getting to know our customers, their businesses and identifying opportunities to help them run their operations more efficiently and sustainably is our number one goal.

The result of our listening and asking questions is a solution – designed, manufactured and delivered with each customer’s business needs at the center. It’s an investment of time that earns the trust of our customers and keeps them coming back.

A Drive to Innovate and a Commitment to Service

Packaging solutions can be as simple as making, stocking and delivering quantities of custom boxes, or as complex as designing zero claim solutions for load securement applications, or manufacturing solid corrugated filler pads for hollow doors. Customers appreciate our proven ability to offer innovative solutions to complex packaging problems. Our depth and breadth of experience allows us to handle any packaging need, efficiently, effectively and in a timely manner.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Corrugated honeycomb load securement solutions that boost efficiency, save weight and protect valuable cargo
  • Corrugated door filler manufactured to tight tolerances that is lightweight, easy to use and extremely strong and durable
  • Custom corrugated plastic solutions including boxes and other unique applications
  • Designing retail safe ISTA approved packaging for big box stores
  • Customized corrugated pallets that provide a low-cost, lightweight, safer and 100% recyclable alternative to wooden pallets
  • An experienced design group, supported by software and CAD capabilities, ready to meet your needs

It’s our “never-say-no” attitude that bonds us to our customers. Tell us your end goal, and we’ll work with you to get it done so that you can focus on your core business. The best packaging solution is the one you don’t have to think about once it’s in place.

Creating Sustainable Packaging Solutions

American Containers has always taken a pragmatic approach to sustainability. Sustainability and “Being Green” are more than just buzz words; they are a constant state of mind. We value our assets – our people, our equipment, and our material. Capturing our scrap and recycling 99% of it is important to us as a company and for our environment as well. We buy from vendors who only source their pulp and paper from sustainably harvested sources, and we prioritize the use of 100% post-consumer recycled paper wherever we can.

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Doing it right, doing it correctly for the environment the first time is the only thing that makes sense. Recycling is 100% correct and the closer we get to 100% recycled material content, the better. While we work for that goal, we need to be careful with our own footprint. If we use only what is required and clean up after ourselves, we’ll leave the future of our industry healthy for generations to come.

Find out how we are working with our customers and within our plants to cut waste, make our products 100% recyclable and improve overall sustainability.

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3D Animation

Our 3D Animation Design Package allows customers to preview a complete layout, including artwork.

We know service means everything. That’s why we have a culture where we sweat the details, make the extra call. Over the years our customers have responded well to an ownership that is involved in the daily challenges and opportunities that running a business entails.

Michael A. Isban

President, American Containers, Inc.