COVID-19 Statement

Plymouth, Indiana * Carrollton, Georgia * Stockton, California

Valued Customers,

American Containers understands our customers are looking for supply chain assurances to help identify and fill supply chain gaps so you can stay true to your customer contracts and commitments. Here is how we can assure you at this point.

As a company, American Containers sources our raw materials through multiple vendor channels across the country. This is important for a myriad of reasons, but most importantly it is to let our customers know that American Containers is not single sourced in our critical commodities. We depend on our capability to manufacturing your products in any one of our three facilities across the nation. If you are solely supplied by one of our American Containers facilities, in the unlikely event that one of our facilities cannot supply all of your packaging needs, alternate locations can step in and fill the supply chain gap. Last but not least, American Containers’ customer base is well over 60% critical suppliers of the pharmaceutical, food and sanitation industries. Those companies fall under the federal guideline classification by Homeland Security as a critical supplier to industry. We, and our supply chain, are required to continue to support our customers regardless of State ordered closures. Our plan is to be available to continue our high level of service that you have grown to expect from our organization.

American Containers, Inc. is a member and supporter of the Global Supply Chain Resiliency Council and therefore monitors critical events to supply chain stability.

The Resilink system is a process offering a stabilizing force to the affect disasters have on supply chain interruptions. Our commitment to this system provides additional safety as your business partner.

We are proud of our business relationship with your company and will continue to work to protect our consistent product supply.

One of American Containers’ responsibility is to keep all our customers informed of any foreseeable supply chain interruptions. We take that responsibility seriously and will communicate any changes immediately as they might develop. Thank you for trusting us to be your partner through these troubling times.


Mike Isban