How we got started…

In 1965, I had an opportunity to go into business for myself, and along with the encouragement and support of my wife, JoAnn, we began making honeycomb in the basement of our house. Soon we were in a small building and then a larger one with expansions following, and eventually two other plants in Georgia and California.

You can’t do it alone, and I had lots of help over the years. However, when a new account would come our way, not every time but often enough, I’d tell the sales person, “Just remember, I set it up.” This came to be a running joke, and through the years I claimed credit for acquiring new business I had nothing to do with attaining.

We like to have fun in our company; that’s the culture of our family business. But believe me, we’re very, very serious when it comes to servicing our customers, because we all know we’re fortunate when someone chooses to spend their money with us. All of us in the company have to remember that, pure and simple. Thank you for your business .

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Leonard Isban, CEO and Founder

Leonard Isban, CEO and Founder

Michael Isban, President

Chris Manning, Greg Thorne, Tad Hepler, Matt Chamberlin, Sean Murphy, Sales