American Containers established the Georgia plant in July of 1985.

The Carrollton plant  was initially created to service the needs of the South Eastern region of the US door market.

The metro-Atlanta area, the crossroads of the South, seemed like the perfect spot for our facility.

With Florida to the south, the Carolinas in the east, and the neighboring Gulf states, we were quickly able to expand our door business to encompass all quality door manufacturers in the South Eastern market. This expansion allowed us to bring our tradition of high quality solutions and superior service to all segments of Southern industry, from Georgia Pecan farmers to major automotive parts manufacturers. With our diversified product lines consisting of corrugated boxes, corrugated plastic, load securement, and paper pallets, we have a habit of offering creative packaging solutions.

Clayton Keith, GM

Larry Hightower, Sales, Cecilia Collis, Sales

Holly Braswell, Customer Service

Lori Gambill, Customer Service