In 2003, American Containers established our first location in the Western United States.

At the time, a distribution warehouse located in Reno, Nevada, made faster response times possible for our national door accounts located on the West Coast, However, as business expanded, and it became clear we needed more support.

Three years later, in 2006, an investment was made to open full manufacturing plant in Stockton, California.

Modeled after our plants in Indiana and Georgia, the formula for success was obvious: Continue our tradition of unmatched service and quality. Our on-going success in the door industry allowed us to put research and engineering efforts into our load securement product line. This focus on dunnage products has given us a significant footprint in the West, with a full dunnage product line that is nothing short of exceptional.

Robert Calverley, GM

Bob Schmieder, Sales

Jesse Salazar, Sales

Tessa Clay, Customer Service

Susan Salazar, Customer Service