A Passion for Packaging – Our Calling Card for 50 Years

When it comes to making sure that you have exactly what you need in packaging solutions, we get it. In fact, we’re fanatics about it.

Our devotion to delivering quality, consistency and a high level of customer service has grown our business over the past 50 years. What began in a small plant in Plymouth, Indiana, has expanded to include three fully-equipped, strategically-located manufacturing facilities. We now serve customers coast-to-coast and internationally from our plants in Carrollton, Georgia, Stockton, California, and Plymouth.

It’s our commitment to excellence and to putting our customers first that has led to organic growth, the kind of word-of-mouth recommendation that speaks louder than any sales pitch ever could.

Service, Efficiency, and Quality Help Protect Your Bottom Line

Customers tell us that our people are the number one reason we continue to be their packaging solutions vendor of choice. A hallmark of our family-owned business has been the deep personal relationships we develop with customers, many continuing over 10, 20, and, yes, even 50 years.

Our very first customer is still our customer today.

It’s this comfort level and familiarity, coupled with our keen interest in understanding each customer’s business, that allows our highly-experienced team to craft solutions around a client’s specific needs.

Ultimately, the products we deliver must meet – and exceed – the standards our customers require. Every member of our team, from design to production to fulfillment, bears a responsibility for ensuring optimal quality in each piece, whether it’s truckloads of boxes, load securement, specialty door fill, corrugated plastic or paper pallets.

Customers trust American Containers to have the right products in the right places at the right times.

Creating Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Find out how we are working with our customers and within our plants to cut waste, make our products 100% recyclable and improve overall sustainability.

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All corrugated plastic scrap is reground and recycled for reuse in various applications.

Our bales of corrugated scrap and corrugated dust are recycled into liquid pulp before being processed into paper again for reuse

Our team members are encouraged not only to go the extra mile for customers, but also for others in the communities where we live and work.

Our founder, Leonard Isban, and his wife, JoAnn Isban, have always led by example. In 1995 they opened the Boys and Girls Club of Marshall County (Indiana) to provide a safe, secure, educational and fun place for kids ages eight to 18 to go after school. Thousands of local children and their families have been active in the Club over the years. Leonard’s and JoAnn’s original commitment to serving the community continues to inspire all of us today, as many in our company serve or have served on the board of directors, support the club financially and through volunteering, and choose the club as their charity of choice.